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Practical tips to prepare with confidence and get the job you deserve. 🌟

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Show up as the best version of yourself without pretending to be extroverts

In interviews, are you nervous when introducing yourself and don’t quite know what’s the right thing to say? 🥶

Do you ramble on and on and feel like the interviewer is losing interest but don’t know how to stop? 🤐

Do you finish an interview frustrated with yourself and don’t know why you did so poorly even though you spent hours preparing? 😔

Interviews are hard, especially for introverts. Social interactions drain an introvert's energy, and high-stakes interactions like interviews put us center-stage with the spotlight 🔦on us and our work, making us even more nervous and uncomfortable.

Most designers I've coached are introverts; amazing at their craft but struggle to perform when interviewing. As a result, they get passed over even though they would have been perfect for the role.

For 18 years as a designer and design leader, I've been in hundreds of interviews as interviewer and interviewee. I've seen first hand what works (and what doesn't).

During the 2020 covid and 2023 tech layoffs, I've coached introverts (like me) to practice easy-to-apply techniques that helped them approach interviews more confidently, and get hired. All while remaining their true, authentic selves.  

Course content
1. Hard truths about interviews as an introvert
2. Introduction to the 4Ps framework: Prepare, Push, Presence, Practice
3. Types of interviews and their purpose
4. Shape of a successful interview
5. Introducing yourself, your career and accomplishments in less than 5 minutes
6. Work and portfolio showcase
7. Building rappoire and a connection with your interviewer (in-person and remote)
8. Public speaking tips
9. Conversation techniques
10. Bonus: Stretch goals

Who is this course for

Introverts who are amazing at their craft but don't know how to people

Introverts who are tired of pretending to be extroverts and ready to try something new

Designers, Engineers, Product managers - who have work to showcase but its impact isn't always easy to explain

Course curriculum

Lesson 1: Hard truths about interviews as an introvert
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We spend our careers perfecting our craft, thinking hiring managers will recognise good work when they see it. This is not enough. We start with some hard truths about interviews that nobody tells you - and why its especially hard for introverts.

Lesson 2: The 4Ps Framework
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Prepare, Presence, Push, Practice; a framework that introverts can use to apply techniques and approach any challenging situation.

Lesson 3: Types of interviews and their purpose
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I bet you thought all interviews were the same; not true. Each serves a purpose in the interview process. Learn what and how to perform in each.

Lesson 4: Shape of a successful interview
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We break down the different types of interviews and their purpose, and show you how to structure and prepare for them so you show up as your best self.

Lesson 5: Introducing yourself, your career and accomplishments in less than 5 minutes
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Goodbye rambling self intros that go on and on. Hello interesting, engaging storyteller "oooh please tell me more!"

Lesson 6: Work and portfolio showcase
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How to showcase the best parts of your work in the smallest amount of time.

Lesson 7: Building rappoire and a connection with your interviewer (in-person and remote)
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Tiny habits that are easy to apply so you can avoid awkward silences and build a lasting connection with your interviewer.

Lesson 8: Public speaking tips
Lesson 9: Conversation techniques
Bonus: Stretch goals
4 hours, on-demand
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Lesson 1 - 10
1 hour
Complete the exercises, upload your work & receive feedback
2 hours
1:1 Coaching
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Meet your instructor

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Tim Yeo

chief introvert, The Quiet Achiever

Since Nov 2021, Tim Yeo has coached over a hundred introverts to have impact and influence without pretending to be extroverts.

Design Director at IBM. Previously, Tim was the first UX and Design leader at fintech startups @Finder, @OFX and @Prospa where he hired, established and scaled design teams from scratch.

Best known for saying complex things simply.

Keynote speaker for his talk: Design Leadership for Introverts. Bookbinder and Singaporean living in Australia with his partner and the fluffiest Old English Sheepdog ever.

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from the community

What people are saying about this course

Speaking to Tim is like speaking to a supportive, knowledgeable, empathetic friend. Tim gave me incredible advice and methods I could use in real-life scenarios. I highly recommend.

Image of client who gave testimonial

Leonardo Mattei

Senior Product Designer, Apple

This course came at the perfect time when I needed support with interviews. Tim was empathetic, and calm - and gave me advice and examples that I could quickly apply under pressure. He gave me the space to ask questions specific to my circumstances. I highly recommend.

Image of client who gave testimonial

Evena Wong

Product Designer, Seer Medical, Australia

I went through so many interviews. I had a lot of anxiety back then. I felt like I was too humble when talking about my accomplishments. Tim really helped me with practical advice - which is not easy to find the more senior you get.

Image of client who gave testimonial

Amy Zhu

Senior Product Designer, Assent, Canada

Tim allows introverts to unlock their full super power rather than feeling like this is something they need to work around. The tools Tim suggests allows introverts to own and celebrate who they are.

Image of client who gave testimonial

Nada Salem

Design Strategist, McKinsey & Company

Tim's course gave me confidence to present myself and my work to others. The exercises he designed are really helpful tools that I'll continue using to prepare for challenging situations in and outside of work.

Image of client who gave testimonial

Plamena Doncheva

Senior Product Designer, Glovo, Spain

This guy went above and beyond! He didn't just help me get unstuck with all the surrounding problems I was facing, but he reminded me that I was taking the right steps. He shared some actionable tips. Tim was a great listener, patient, observant and clever. I highly recommend.

Image of client who gave testimonial

Wilson Thai

UX/UI Designer

useful information

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I'm an introvert?

Is small talk hard and uncomfortable for you?
In meetings, do you keep quiet even though you have something to say?
Does your boss give you feedback like "you are too quiet" or "you should speak up more", but you don't know how?
If your answer to the questions above is yes, congrats, you are (probably) an introvert.

What are the videos like?

The videos are available in 2 ways.
- an hour presentation of all the topics - if you want to get through the content in one go
- bite-sized 2~3min short videos - one topic at a time

I work full-time, what is the expected time commitment?

1 hour to watch the video sessions, 2~3 hours to complete all the practice exercises atleast once.


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